If you are religious and pious that’s a very great thing, but don’t become arrogant because of that, don’t start treating people as if they’re always wrong and they’re going to hell because of their actions, don’t look down on those who aren’t religious. Because becoming religious wasn’t because you did something extraordinary it was Allah who blessed you with it, he had mercy on you so, he decided to save you from the wrong path, so don’t ruin this blessing of Allah by becoming arrogant and judging others based on their actions.

Always remember that your iman and faith has ups and downs just like anything in life, if you are ungrateful for this blessing of Allah then Allah might take away this iman from your heart and let you rotten in sins all over again! Always thank Allah for his gift, and never ever think that you’ll enter JANNAH because of your good deeds, yes they will help but in the end it is Allah’s mercy which will make us enter JANNAH, we all have sins, too many of them, if Allah wasn’t going to have mercy upon us and forgive us, we would go to hell no question! But Allah treats us with mercy and forgiveness, everything he does is a mercy from him on us.

If you left listening to music don’t start looking down on those who listen to music, don’t look at them as if they’re people of hell, because if you do so, that means you have pride and Allah threw Shaitan  out from heaven because of his pride and arrogance even though he was one of the best worshipers of Allah, so what makes you think that because of your hard work at worship you’ll get a ticket to JANNAH?

Always thank Allah for this gift of iman and always ask Allah to keep your heart firm on his religion, don’t let a single day pass by without asking Allah for firmness on his religion. And be humble with everyone around you whether they’re older or younger, a sinner or a saint!

Keep this ayah in your mind :




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