Who haven’t heard about what happened in Makkah today? We all have heard and our hearts are wrenched seeing MAKKAH the holy city in such a situation and seeing people dead and injured. Who haven’t wished that they were amongst those who were performing UMRAH and were in Makkah and died due to this collapse? We all have wished it deep down inside our hearts because as Muslims we know that death is inevitable and who doesn’t want such a wonderful death where a person’s soul is very close to Allah. How lucky are they would were martyred in Makkah today, how close were they to Allah because everyone around the globe is praying for them.

These incidents make our hearts tremble you know why? because we know that we are far away from Allah, we know that what we do in our life is not right yet we continue doing it, these incidents shouldn’t be a reason to bring fear in our hearts, these incidents should help us turn back to Allah, so don’t be afraid death is something that we all will face one day, we shouldn’t fear death,we should be prepared and the reason behind our fear is that we aren’t prepared yet to meet Allah, we are afraid of dying before turning back to him, so why we take the risk we know what’s right and what’s wrong, we just need to take a step towards Allah. Those who died today in Makkah,  they have achieved such a honorable death in such a wonderful place on such a great day(friday), they’ve accomplished what we all pray for every single day. May Allah grant us a peaceful death where our hearts and soul are remembering him and we are full of iman (Ameen)

May Allah forgive and have mercy on the souls who passed away today in this tragic incident and make their status very high in paradise and May Allah heal the wounds of the injured and give them strength to recover. May Allah grant strength and patience to the families of everyone who suffered and passed away today (AMEEN)

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